Monday, August 2, 2010

I Hardly Remember the Taste But I Could Still Identify the Smell From Among a Thousand Others

I change my mind about you almost twenty times a day. But there's one thing I know for sure. I'll go back.
To that dark corner, where the walls were painted with pink castles like an extension of reality.
Go back to when the warnings in my head were drowned out by your alien pulse. Your traveling heartbeat. Going through the flesh and bone of your chest, through the fabric of your shirt, and reaching its destination in my ear.
Then you spotted the carving on the wall. The carving that marked the place Someone had loved Someone Else. And together those two watched over us. Only shyly looking away once or twice.
They wrote down our future for us because they saw what they saw. They didn't even ask or let us decide.


You know me, you know I'll stay uncertain forever because its easy. Easier than to stand tall in front of the decision at the end of this tunnel. Me? I'm so unlike you.


umar ali said...


Mobeen said...

Some decisions in life have relatively high importance; cuz it’s a matter of choosing your destiny. Involving time in such decisions to finally pick the better option is conducive, but it should have some limit.

Wasting moments in uncertainty is like losing grip, one should have courage to take a decision and then prove it ‘RIGHT’. Despite what it appeared to you in the end.


ahmed said...

No two existences follow the same course ... So, its upto you ...
Either, force your decision on fate and stand or sit back and let fate take you in whichever direction it wants ...