Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today is the day your face is a blur in my head and the memory of the sound of your voice fades away.

Sour Grapes

Oh wait...I remember that smile.
Oh yeah, I see it. But I don't see her. Where did she go?
Is this the part where I panic? Yeah, I believe it is.
I'm walking past the mirror. No reflection!?
I rub my eyes and they start to water. Am I crying for you? Yeah, I believe so.
I'm squinting now. Nothing.
Hey, wait, I get it.
I'm invisible without you.
Yeah, so now my head is spinning.
The wind is blowing, outside. Storm, inside.
There is heat/sweat/panic/worry/pain/confusion/anger.
And so I eat grapes. For the fourth time. But they are sour. Like the realization of my mistake. The only difference is that unlike grapes, I can't count my mistakes.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Gay Phases :P

Hey baby, I know you're so sleepy,
But will you listen to me?

It should just be
You and Me
On a perfect day,
Let's laugh, let's play.
It's getting late and slightly dark,
Lucky us,
I live near the park.

Look at the starry skies above
We don't need to be in Love.
Who needs boys,
Or the games they play?
We've got friends
And they're here to stay.
Whisper a Secret into my ear.
Oh in my head I can hear
All those songs
From Seasons past.
Guess what?
We're going to bring it back.
And I promise I'll try
To understand your Pain
Hey, don't You cry
All alone again.
Make me wet
With all your Tears,
Just let me know
All your Fears.
I am still raw
From yesterdays ache
Because I never saw,
He was a fake.
I'll make it through
And so will You
And It won't be hard
I promise You.

The World is our own
Now we're all-grown.
They can't hold us back
'Cause we will do
Anything we set our hearts to.
We won't need money,
And forget about that Ecstasy
Because tonight
We're going to be Happy,
Really, Truly.

Without You
Life's a waste of Time,
He promised Me
But He was never mine.
We'll put together
These Broken Hearts,
A little Time
Will glue these parts.
Words, Sentences and Feelings
Seem to lack all meaning.
We'll look for something
Better, Deeper.

Sometimes, when it's too dark
And I can't tell apart
Wrong from Right
Or Black from White,
Help me see
The Lights ahead.
And let's have a little fun instead!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

there's happy spells and floods of fun,
on a wet day, but under the sun.

call their names, out so loud,
we needed an excuse to scream and shout.

summer made me lose all hope,
winter's ahead, i'm going to try once more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the StrawberrySwing

Ah, now the sky could be blue,
I don't mind,
Without you it's a waste of time,
Could be blue,
Could be gray,
Without you I'm just miles away,
Could be blue,
I don't mind,
Without you it's a waste of time,
Could be blue,
Could be gray,
Without I just slide away.

"I love you."
"Prove it," she said into the phone, with the most playful smile on her face.
"What the fuck? Take it or leave it."