Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear Shahrukh,

Can you please pretend to be lost again so I can help you find the place you want to go? The person you want to meet?
I promise you my skin is soft and new. I promise I'll let you touch it despite the shivers and the jolts. I promise you my hair is washed with Chinese Cinnamon shampoo. I promise you my chains and necklaces are very easy to unhook. Easy to untangle and easier to break.
Your voice likes to give me sleeplessness and your pictures prefer to give dreams.
The stars on your fingertips, the moon in your eyes, the night in your breath. The universe in you. It's all I see. But a chance to see through your eyes and I might even tell you that I'm in love with you.
There is so much we need to change about us.
All I'm asking for is a nod of your head and we're all set to go.
You and I, doing great cliched things, like finding a cure for cancer?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Like Heaven

There are plenty of boxes left to fill. Trying one by one, it stills feels somewhat empty though. Gladly I'm going to keep accepting all the printed pages of Sudoku you slip my way and now I've got a puzzlebook full of them.
Truth is, my lips belong, for just once, somewhere near yours. My soul asks to be in sync with yours.
And you see outside puzzles. You see the plastic and stone world around and you inhale its smoke. With a sigh and a smile you let it out. With a sigh and a smile you let me out.

Would they have silk threads of hair like you, falling in place itself, or my thick black waves?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Favourite Pictures of You

There's a picture of you. Your two year old self is playing with waterproof toys in the bathtub. You have six teeth in your mouth and you're very busy creating all sorts of splash storms and bubble trouble.

There's a picture of you decked in saffron marigolds. Decked in gold, with red patterns on your hands. There is a betel leaf in your palm and his mother is busy smearing it with henna. The smile on your face is wider than an ocean, but the smile in your eyes is building bridges into the woman's heart. The possible fragility of these bridges is something you're just starting to worry about.

There is a picture of you lounging on a sofa. You are in some book shop in Lisbon but you're busy reading the hard lines on your hands. You are counting the divisions on your fingers with concentration so fierce it seems you are studying, in depth, works of Tolstoy or Dostoevsky rather than going over familiar paths. Next to your foot is a spilled cardboard cup of coffee.

There is a picture of the back of your head. You are sitting in front of your computer. The words on the screen are blurred and illegible. The date indicates that the photo is two years and almost five months old. Judging from that time, you must have been writing an e-mail. Or better yet a poem. Rhyme used to be your choice of expression then.

There is a picture of you with your hair in your face while you're playing a blue electric guitar. You've got a mad look on your face and you're beaming at the girl standing with the keyboards right next to you. She's singing happily. The songs you've taught her. You are more proud of her that moment than you've ever been of anyone before. What a woman she's become.

There is a picture of you wearing over-sized sunglasses and beach shorts. Standing in front of a homemade birthday cake with dripping raspberry pink and apple green frosting, you are holding up the cake knife like a sword, trying to scare your parents. The joy on your face is priceless. It's the irreplaceable joy of turning six years old.

There is a picture of you asleep. Unaware, perhaps, or dreaming.

There is a picture of you wearing black lace, velvet and f aux diamonds. Your back is towards your bathroom mirror. Your voluminous black hair reaches your waist and you resemble a goddess painted on a Greek urn. You bring light into my atmosphere.

Photographs. Distorted versions of the truth maybe? Bound in albums and frames and frozen forever.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yes, I Smile

because all this time you knew and all this time I believed I was the only one who saw it so it wasn't really a secret after all. It was something I shared and I smile because I don't know why or what or how but love is the only thing that fits between me and you and you can dismiss this idea with a careless shake of your head. But, no.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Hardly Remember the Taste But I Could Still Identify the Smell From Among a Thousand Others

I change my mind about you almost twenty times a day. But there's one thing I know for sure. I'll go back.
To that dark corner, where the walls were painted with pink castles like an extension of reality.
Go back to when the warnings in my head were drowned out by your alien pulse. Your traveling heartbeat. Going through the flesh and bone of your chest, through the fabric of your shirt, and reaching its destination in my ear.
Then you spotted the carving on the wall. The carving that marked the place Someone had loved Someone Else. And together those two watched over us. Only shyly looking away once or twice.
They wrote down our future for us because they saw what they saw. They didn't even ask or let us decide.


You know me, you know I'll stay uncertain forever because its easy. Easier than to stand tall in front of the decision at the end of this tunnel. Me? I'm so unlike you.