Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On exceptionally clear nights, when the soft darkness of the sky outstreches beyond its usual grasp and reaches us, I like to point a finger toward a supposed heaven to count stars with a bright wish in my heart for you to join me. And you were right, I do want to recreate all the fantastical scenes we watch in movies, not because I believe in them, but because I want to live every minute of every day, awake or asleep, in a new world.
So I like to dance in my dreams, I like listening to songs with dirty lyrics, and I'd kill to be a little like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. I like painting things in the colours of the rainbow, I like zoos, I like telling strangers about the intimate details of my life. I take pride in wearing my heart on my sleeve. I like banana flavoured ice cream, and talking about things without stopping, I like jumping from the sofa to the armchair to the footstool to the table and back to the sofa again. I absolutely adore teeny tiny fuzzy-peachy bundles of joy and warmth, and the scent of a certain particularly gorgeous boy.
My purpose? To try everything.
I might be like everyone else, or unlike anyone else. There's little I understand, but I'm certain a lot needs to be done - priorities to be straightened, growing up and serious thinking to be done. For now, though, I'm lazy and liking it.
But what am I, if not experiences? If I can't create every feeling there's ever existed in my head? If I can't fall in love with you over and over and over again every time? If I can't make you happy in ways that lovers before us couldn't even have imagined? Even in their unaware dreams. They couldn't have.
You know so well, I'm extraordianrily crazy for you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Heart Is Divided Into 2 Like a Pair of Lockets Around The Necks of Me and You

When I forget how to speak, how to think, how to breathe, I still manage to remember you. You are irreplaceable. An unparalleled lost treasure, you could turn anyone into gold. A treasure safe from time. To infinity and beyond.

Don't answer each helpless question correctly. You might not leave anything behind. But put your pride away, inside my palm, because I'll only break it to build it up stronger than before.