Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear Shahrukh,

Can you please pretend to be lost again so I can help you find the place you want to go? The person you want to meet?
I promise you my skin is soft and new. I promise I'll let you touch it despite the shivers and the jolts. I promise you my hair is washed with Chinese Cinnamon shampoo. I promise you my chains and necklaces are very easy to unhook. Easy to untangle and easier to break.
Your voice likes to give me sleeplessness and your pictures prefer to give dreams.
The stars on your fingertips, the moon in your eyes, the night in your breath. The universe in you. It's all I see. But a chance to see through your eyes and I might even tell you that I'm in love with you.
There is so much we need to change about us.
All I'm asking for is a nod of your head and we're all set to go.
You and I, doing great cliched things, like finding a cure for cancer?


Dee.Dee said...

Cmon Shahrukh, say yes.

quartertoinsane said...

if hes wise he'll say yes...

Sidrah said...

guys should do what girls want them to do. World will be a happy place.

I hope he says yes =)


CrazyLady said...

Dear Shahrukh,

Could you please accompany your dad to the workplace some time soon? I wouldn't ask, really I mean you no inconvenience, just the thing is Nur's in love with you. The sort that only happens once (every 2nd month of the summer) and she's never met you. And usually I'd be okay with that, hell I'd even condone it. you're really not the most beautiful person alive, despite the night in your breath and the sun in your skin and all sorts of celestial bodies shining out of your every pore. You don't even dress all that well, and you have a juvenile haircut. You also have a thin unibrow, and I'd really hate to make lovestruckawestruckhappyjoyous Nur disappointed because I love her quite much though I can be an indifferent bitch about it. But here's the catch. Despite all her talent and her brains, which I am jealous of but proud of more so, I can't help but make fun of her for writing you a love letter. And I'd really hate to be forced to do that again and again. So yeah Shahrukh, be a man. Show up at her workplace. Tell her she's wonderful because she is. She dresses better than you.

Love, Osheen. Your best friend from that competition from that school.

Anonymous said...

Indeed SK is an old 'Rat' ;D

a forgotten past hahahah

Nur R. said...

Shahrukh will realize in time.
He just needs time.



Anum said...

Dang, you write well :)

Ubaid said...

Loved what you wrote

and lol @ osheen :p

Marina said...

the entire post is just so sweet, and so young, and so...hopeful. touched my heart. <3

Marina said...

the entire post is just so sweet, and so young, and so...hopeful. touched my heart. <3