Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It's five minutes past twelve and your phone rings. We're both so bored and unable to sleep. Besides it's summer, we need this. Thirty minutes to get ready and we're out. I can't believe I'm finally going to do this. Stuff the keys in my pocket and head out the kitchen door. Be extra careful to walk slow, don't want to wake them up.
It's not funny. Have you ever tried jumping over a six feet high wall, bitch? I think not.
So anyway, where are we going? Do you know? I don't. We're supposed to remember this night for a long time. No pressure though.
This car smells like...Mangoes? We're at the park before we know it but the gates are closed. Damn, did I have to wear skinny pants? I can't climb over this fence and you're laughing again. Did you just step in a cactus and get pricked all over your pretty legs, darling? It's dark except for the single light out on the road. It filters through the gaps in the leaves, casting thousands of slivered beams upon us. Bubbles? You have got to be kidding me! Do you really carry those around with you or did you bring them specially because tonight is supposed to be like the movies? Look at that brilliant sky and you'll soon know you've seen nothing like it. Each star sparkles stronger, a little more fiercely as it hangs between blackness. No, I'm not being cliched, it's like this every night, you just haven't been noticing.
You want to see your friends and I want to see mine but we're too lazy so we're going to stop at this tiny store and get ourselves something to drink. Orange juice? Fuck you. But you brought ice lollies so it's all cool. Mine is dripping all over my kameez and you're licking your fingers clean. It's actually thirty five degrees out here. We have strawberry stained lips now. That'd look sexy in pictures. Lucky for us though, 'cause I brought a camera, baby cakes.
Did we waste so much time already? Damn.
You're swearing really loud. I think your eyelash went into your eye. Stupid you. Now I'm telling jokes that really aren't funny but you're still doubling over and laughing like you're crazy. You're singing songs from the 60s and you sound actually very beautiful. We should sing together, you and I. We could call ourselves The You and I. That'd be so absolutely retarded and obvious.
I'm trying to keep you awake by tickling you. Maybe you just keep falling over onto my shoulder to annoy me. Either way, stop it. Fuck. The stars are disappearing already! But we get to watch morning happen.
Look, it's not the rise of the sun, but the change of sky.


Anonymous said...

Love the post days of your life and all that ... you remind me of myself a few yrs ago! (daymnit now im all nostalgic)