Sunday, June 27, 2010

Because Some Things Don't Go Away

This ever-changing number is a symbol of our growth. It is God's method of reinforcing the constant inconsistency of life.
Tomorrow after today and later after now. Some things are difficult to escape from. An expensive habit that leads to the door of an old friend. An addictive drug.
Or just the process of accepting ourselves.

Bent needles only stitch broken chains. Uneven patterned paisleys with purple Anchor.

And you will find yourself flailing your arms wildly and kicking violently in a pool that you once proudly filled. You will also see the people peering from above, shaking their heads, watching you sink and saying to each other they didn't want to waste their breath. On you.
So the sinking will continue for a while, then cease.
The ever-changing number will stop changing.


Mobeen said...

This ever changing symbol is not only the symbol of growth, but an orthodox way to prepare you for the combat, which you are going to face in the near time. Your addiction isn't a mere addiction, but a part of your learning, something belong to you called 'sincerity'. A person gets hurt not necessarily because she failed to find whether someone is creating some mess for you or not, but because she believes that whatever the other person is doing, it has some benefit for you, more precisely it can be termed as a 'blind faith', when you can sense some wrong, but don't have any desire to differentiate it from truth.

Finding yourself among the people who didn't do anything terrible with others (except for own-self ) can atleast impress the nature if not human , so that you will be to expect someone standing at your side among the people , wishing for your progress and ready to advance his/her hand to rescue you from sinking , instead of shaking head and denying your existence.

Nice post, keep it up!