Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Birthdays and Boys

We're too young to make babies. Potential fathers leave us questioning ourselves. Big words usually confuse us and we may not be intelligent when making decisions but we have the valuable ability to feel. We are girls and we are better than boys.
Lately all I really want is just to feel her lips with mine.I want to kiss girls. All the pretty ones. And you're an idiot if my lesbian tendencies scare you.
Boys have scratchy faces that leave stupid little gashes on our rosy cheeks.  A girl on the other hand, soft and smooth as a cashmere sweater.
I'm fantastic and special just because I can bleed for days every month and still be alive.
And some day, when they will marry me off to a man I hardly know, inside myself I will turn him and me into a cute little human being. Possibly even more than one cute little human beings.
And if I give birth to a girl, I'll let her talk to boys. I'll let her invite them to our house and I will leave them alone for a little while. Enough time for a kiss or two.


Richa said...

You're incredible. That is it.
I love your words. How do you do this?
You're my favoritestest blogger. :)

Furqan said...

Barri blogging shlogging. Fans shans. Tum ban lo feminist. xD

Nur R. said...

Richa, you wonderfullest person. Thank you so much. :D

Furqan, read the end again?

CrazyLady said...

Bachay ker lo, ho.

Ubaid said...



Nur R. said...

Funny nahin hai. =@

Chaos said...

This is wonderful! And you really are wonderful Nur!

Noori ! said...

love the end.