Friday, January 11, 2013

It Has Been Lonely Knowing You (3)

Sometimes you just have to shut up and kill that sad, hollowing and lonely feeling inside of you for some people. Some people really are that special. Some people really do deserve to be made sacrifices for. And no matter how many times you hate them and curse at them in your head or tell yourself that you are better off without them, you really do love some people.

Sometimes they may be feeling miserable and acting stupid but you should wait patiently for them to be done being miserable and acting stupid so you can love them again and they can love you too. You should feel how they feel and stop thinking about yourself for a second, only if you love them. If you really truly love them. And you should be willing to take the risk that if even after youve been good and patient they can't come back, it doesn't mean they don't love you or that they were a jerk, it only means that somehow things just couldn't go the way you wanted and thats okay too, because a lot of times that happens too. A lot of times in life.
And always, more importantly, you should have faith in the love you feel.

So it really is quite simple if you think about it. There are some people, ones who might not be worth it, but ones we love enough to do anything for.