Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Can't Cure Love

If only it were as easy as attaching locks to doors. That's not what keeps me insside.

I would have walked to you, shoes in hand when they start to pinch my toes. I would have washed and scrubbed and lotioned my feet to presentableness. I would have come to you in the heat of June, July, August. I would have the morning-after pill ready just in case. I would have come if I knew you would take me. If you would have me.

But you won't because you're so good.

On the insside you're so much better than I am.


Thoth said...

Oh i just saw this post. How does that make someone a better person! And wow to see you talk about the pill.

Nur R. said...

Just these notions we have here in the subcontinent.

Thoth said...

I see, aur kia kia notions hotay hain subcontinent main.

Anonymous said...

Made me smile for some reason. I know I've said this before but you remind me of me.

Nur R. said...

Hehe :$