Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Poisoned Touch

I sure hope as hell
that you've learned
from your mistakes
because if you make one again,
you'll be okay but
I can hardly say the same for myself.


FarhanJ said...

thank you for following by page..... definitely following yours

Nur R. said...

Aw you're welcome. :D

Zeebs said...

Haha okay, you are awesome so I ended up following you instead!

How I think people follow mine?
On the side of my page you'll see four grey boxes, if you click on the last box and select the option to do with google reader- I think it adds to it.

:) sorry for having a strange thing. Stupid blogger template shennanigans, I tell you!

Nur R. said...

HALLELUJAH! I understand now!

The favour has been returned :D