Sunday, February 5, 2012


In the glossy reflections of her red nail varnish my world is summed up into a distortion of curvaceous figures and shapes. My worlds, real and imaginary, align in devotion as I recede deeper into the crevices of insanity. I am crazy, despite their reassurances. For her I want to be crazy. I don't mind being crazy. I like being crazy. For her. 


There is hope for me if I lose my way. But if I'm lost inside my own mind, stuck inside my own head, what can I do?


CrazyLady said...

what a nice thought. 0.0 and so scary

Furqan said...

I think I lost my sleep :(

Nur R. said...

Osheen- scary and torturous too :D I missed the '55' cupcakes, how were they?

Furqan- da supreme power of MY wurdzz?

CrazyLady said...

Nurkkk you must watch this def jam poetry I have discovered. Hard to digest at first but then it just becomes AMAZINGGGGGG.

They were good! And the bonbons too. the bonbons were especially amazing. :|

Nur R. said...

Lead me to this life-changing poetry! Where may I find it?

Bonbons? Like chocolate biscuits bonbons? ):