Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bruised Lips With A Little Disappointment On The Side

Let's not reflect on the disasters that we created in this very place, this very room, this inch of space where I was and so were you. Because the mistakes that I'm thinking over are still not forgotten. They aren't old and stupid enough to be laughed at just yet. Give me a week or two and we'll get to that stage too.
But more importantly, my inability to learn from the past has stopped annoying me anymore. I will listen to my heart no matter what you tell me to do. I will ruin my life just to give myself the satisfaction. To prove to you. It's good to talk but it's better to leave the apologies unsaid. Lifeless words said by lifeless people. Who are we fooling?


Anonymous said...

*bear hug* shut up :D

Nur R. said...

Anonymous bear hugs nahin chahiyein. -_-