Sunday, January 3, 2010

There will be blood.
And there will be cake.

And did I mention the fireworks? In the fog, tonight. I promise. You won't believe me when I tell you it's all for you. By the way you look good when you're all dressed up, surrounded by your little whores. Here's the drinks. Go ahead, make a mess of yourself.

Don't go home just yet.
This party's just begun.


uglyduckling91 said...

No! :|
Hey there. :D

M said...

Blood and cake?

Disturbing. But you write so well, I think it was meant to be.

s3ayA said...

okay... dis z a bit dark... bt nice

Nur R. said...

Thank you. (:

Ubaid said...

an unusual per interesting post ;)

P.s LOVE THE FOG per *sigh* long drive is boring these days :s

Richa Sharma said...

Ugh!!! it made me sad :(
But what amazing lines....

Kp Up!!!